Buckskin Dresses

Here you will find just a few examples of dress styles. These are all sold, but are great for ideas!

Most of our dresses are made by Custom order, so no two are ever alike.
We work with you to customize your look -
and your price!

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"BLue Dancer" Dress Saddle Deer.  
Restored antique beadwork    
SparrowHawk's dress       "Family Legacy" Basic 2-hide dress Another version of "Legacy"
An extreme white        dress             "Mesa Snows"

Would currently be about $4500.00

View #3 because this ones worth it  -     Ask for alternatives!
"Mesa Winter" "Autumn Spell" "Buffalo Tracks"
"Wood Nymph" "Willow Spirit" "Summer Sky"
Cape to "Cherokee sun"    Simple, traditional    3-hide dress Blackfoot Skirt
"Cherokee Sun" Simple  2 piece dress Moonshadow
Front Lace Skirt "Pinewood"- 3-hide dress with Pendleton Wool & forest green deer trim. Moccasins. "Pinewood" dress with matching #2, pouch necktie. Inseam beads. Sold as a set only.   $995.00  


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